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More than a century of guidance

Guiding children

Some of our pastors are mostly dealing with children and teenagers. Obviously, anyone can learn a new lesson, but these things help children develop sustainable morals.

A word for the ladies

Ladies around the world face numerous trouble – from temptations and loneliness to issues regarding their identities. Our ministers will help them go back on track by rediscovering God.

Keeping teens on track

This is the critical moment in one’s life. The teenage years can take a youngster off their path and throw them into sin. Our ministers know how to bring them back.

Unexpected situations

God is everywhere. God is always watching. It makes no difference where you are or what your situation is. Get in touch with us and we will give you the confidence to keep believing.

Festivals and ministry

We run yearly festivals across the USA – family friendly festivals with entertainment. Everyone is welcome to attend. Get in touch, meet people, discover God and become part of a big family.