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Thrusting vibrators; Yay or Nah?

I finally got my hands on the new bad boy of the year, the thrusting vibrators. Truth be told, my solo pleasures mainly involve stimulating the clitoris with occasional insertables here and there. So I didn’t think thrusting vibrators were something I’d adore.

Nevertheless, the thrusters didn’t disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed the Shameless Tease Thrusting sex toy for a week or so. In this article, I will briefly explain the advantages and drawbacks of using a thrusting dildo.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

What are thrusting vibrators?

If you ask me to picture a toy that automatically pounds you, I’d imagine a full-on sex machine, but thrusting vibrators aren’t so cumbersome. They almost always measure the same size and shape as any other dildo. This feature makes them compact and portable.

These thrusters commonly come in a few different styles.

  • First, these dildo thrusting vibrators resemble a penis.
  • Second, I found some rabbit-thrusting vibes. These are built to simultaneously tease the clit using “bunny” ears.
  • Lastly, there is the “butterfly” version. They are similar to rabbit vibes, but instead of ears, they have “wings” to gently stimulate the vulva.

Most thrusting vibrators aim to provide vaginal and G-spot stimulation. Some of them come with added appendages like bunny ears or butterfly flaps with the option of added clitoral pleasure. You can also find thrusters designed for anal play, which come in a more bulbous, butt-plug shape. Before you choose the type of toy, think about what kind of experience you’d like to have.

What are some fantastic advantages of using a thrusting sex toy?

Thrusting sex toys have some significant advantages that no other toy can provide:

  • Pounds you, in a budget.
    Thrusting vibrators are the only sex toy that will give you the sensation of a natural pounding all night on a budget. If budget is no constraint, you can surely opt for more advanced sex machines, but the thrusters will be more than sufficient for most of us.

  • Hands-free pleasures
    Who doesn’t enjoy the pleasures of hands-free sex?!
    Just place the vibrator in its position and let it do the job. This way, neither your hands will get tired nor your spirits!
  • Twisters wreck the bed
    Some thrusting vibrators have rotating heads that wobble and rotate inside the vagina. This creates an insanely pleasing sensation that can’t be put into words. You will forget all your sex toys once you experience this pleasure.
  • Blended orgasm
    Some thrusting vibrators like Kira sex toy and California Dreaming Orange County Cutie have appendages to stimulate the clitoris. This allows dual orgasm —G-spot thrusting along with clitoral teases.

What are some drawbacks of playing with a thrusting vibrator?

As I said, I’ve never been a fan of insertable toys, so my answer could be biased. Nevertheless, I’ve done my best to give you the general drawbacks.

Most users who review thrusters are generally satisfied, but complaints aren’t rare either.

  • Noise
    Thrusting vibes can get pretty noisy! 90% of thrusting vibes remain quiet if used in the lower settings, but once you rev a notch up, the noise becomes prominent. If you’ve snooping flatmates or lack privacy, you could skip these toys for now.
  • User-Friendliness
    Thrusting sex toys do tend to have a few buttons here and there. You might feel a bit overwhelmed in the initial days, especially when you want to switch modes during the act. So unless you’re okay with shuffling between random buttons, you could use a simple vibrator.
  • Insertable length
    Every vagina is different. Some people simply might not be satisfied with the thrusting depth of some vibrators, while others might feel they go in too deep. So there might be a few days of experimentation to figure out your ideal depth. This could be boring at first, primarily to people who are used to completely controlling their depth using dildos.
  • Intensity of thrusting
    Like the depth, some users will complain that the intensity of even the lightest modes is too rough, while others say even the strongest modes are feeble. So, again, go on experimenting to find your sweet spot. You should check the reviews to see how each toy scores in intensity.
  • Desensitization
    Some users have complained of experiencing nerve desensitization after months of thrusting vibes. This is mainly because your body gets used to the insane pleasures of the vibrator and stops enjoying regular sex.
    If you find yourself in such a spot, pause the vibes for a few weeks until your vagina is re-sensitized.

The final verdict

Thrusting vibrators found at Twice Tonight, like most sex toys, come with their own set of pros and cons. These sex toys surely could be a boon to many people, so I’d say, experiment with a bunch. Check the pros and cons I mentioned and see which side weighs in more for you. Ultimately, it will be these toys that’ll help you get a loud and wet orgasm, so choose wisely!


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